quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2013

http://minglecity.com/group/spirituality/forum/topics/soulmates-and-twin-souls if you don't believe ..I accept ,but don't make of this a joke because this is real *We all have several soulmates. We only have one twin flame though....the twin flame is the other half of our spiritual self. Soulmates are people that have been with us for many incarnations, -sometimes positively, sometimes negatively, but these are the people that are in your life for a reason and vice versa.* Once you recognize your twin , you just want to see him/her Happy Both know ( we don't need body to feel each other) The encounter just can be done when both are complitly and clean of Egos The World are importante , mother earth blessings are important , help others is their purpose . The atraction between them are strong , deeply strong and unique in the Universe . " with our mother Godess and God blessings "

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